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International Gay Rodeo Association
Rodeo Production Guidebook

IGRA General Information

  1. IGRA Rodeo Scheduling, Fees & Income
  2. Rodeo Application
  3. Rodeo Contestant Fee Breakdown & IGRA Logo Requirements
  4. Contestant Prize / Purse Money Requirements
  5. Buckle and Ribbon Requirements
  6. Managing Contestant Registration
  7. Pre-Rodeo & Rodeo Review Board Meetings / Fines
  8. Voluntary Injury Reporting Form
  9. Health & Safety Issues for Rodeo Directors
  10. Important Due Dates for rodeo associations
  11. Arena Conditions Guidelines

IGRA Corporate Sponsorships

  1. None currently

Marketing / Public Relations

  1. Marketing Your Rodeo
  2. History and Fact Sheet
  3. Marketing Survey Summary
  4. Press Release Guidelines
  5. Animal Welfare Statement
  6. Animal Issues for Rodeo Directors
  7. 1st Amendment - Protest Policy
  8. IGRA Sanctioned Events

Certified IGRA Officials & Stock Information

  1. IGRA Livestock Requirements
  2. Rodeo Equipment List and Specifications
  3. Insurance companies for Stock Contractors

Foot Parade and Grand Entry

  1. Requirements and Suggestions
  2. United States National Anthem
  3. Canadian National Anthem
  4. U.S. Flag Protocol

Rodeo Production Checklists

  1. IGRA Rodeo Trustee's Checklist
  2. Rodeo Secretarial Checklist

IGRA Royalty Competition

  1. Royalty Etiquette Guide
  2. Royalty Contest Preparation
  3. Royalty Media Guide

Hosting IGRA Finals Rodeo

  1. Finals Bid & Rodeo Production
  2. Finals Contestant Packets

Forms, Diagrams, and Contracts

Helpful information and hints for Rodeo Contestants

  1. Sponsorships and logos (how to get sponsors)
  2. Rough Stock Rideing Requirements for new and experienced contestants