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IGRA Annual Convention Setup And Technical Requirements
Purpose This document is intended as a guide to the convention committee to use for research, planning and budgeting in selecting a hotel. It can also be used as a technical reference to any hotel which the committee is considering bids from. If the committee or hotel has any questions concerning these requirements, have them call Frank Harrell to discuss any details at (202) 957-6187
November 11, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, Tuscany Suites and Casinos

Supplied By Hotel and/or AV Rental Company


See more example photos at the bottom of this page.

Technical Requirements

Supplied by IGRA Convention Committee

Items in red will be supplied by Frank Harrell

indicates new items purchased since 2019 by Frank Harrell to improve convention operations. All items supplied by Frank Harrell are, and always have been, supplyed at no cost to IGRA or the convention committee

Floor Personnel

Numbers in (parens) indicates the minimum number of people needed at any given time

Audio Equipment:

Video Equipment:

Other Equipment:

If projectors are supplied by Frank Harrell, use the following distances from screen to position projector tables
T/W ratio is 1.07 ~ 1.75

Screen size Minimum Distance Maximum Distance
10' 10' 7" 17' 6"
Make sure delegates tables don't interfere with projector placements.

More examples of past Convention setups

November 13, 2004, Denver Colorado, Holiday Inn Downtown

November 11, 2007, Kansas City, Missouri, Crowne Plaza Downtown

November 15, 2009, Tronto, Canada, Marriott Bloor Yorkville

November 14, 2010, Reno Nevada, Harrah's Convention Center

November 12, 2011, San Deigo, California, Hilton Mission Valley

November 11, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, Tuscany Suites and Hotel

November 20, 2015, St. Pete Beach, Florida, Sirata Beach Resort

November 20, 2016, Austin, Texas, Wyndham Garden

November 11, 2017, Little Rock, Arkansas, Holidy Inn - Airport

November 18, 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah, Marriott University Park

November 24, 2019, Denver, Colorado, DoubleTree Westminster
First posted Dec 18, 2015
Last update Sep 28, 2022