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IGRA Resolutions

1993: Non Smoking Resolution

Non Smoking
All convention meeting rooms will be non-smoking with adequate breaks allowed for smokers. (Adopted 1993 Annual Convention - August 29, 1993)

1995: Royalty Lodging, International Sponsorships Resolutions

Royalty Lodging
The Hosting Rodeo Association is encouraged to provide lodging for the visiting IGRA royalty group of up to three (3) persons. This can be either hotel or private home. A notice of no less than thirty (30) days will be given to the Hosting Association. (Adopted 1995 Annual Convention - July 30, 1995)

International Sponsorship
The International Sponsorship Committee will strive to be fair and equitable to all Member Associations in negotiating International sponsorships. (Adopted 1995 Annual Convention - July 30, 1995)

1996: Association PO Box Resolution

PO Box
In order to avoid annual changes in Member and Recognized Associations' addresses, Member and Recognized Associations are strongly encouraged to secure and maintain a permanent Post Office box. Should a change of address be necessary, Member and Recognized Associations are strongly encouraged to make the change at least thirty (30) days prior to Finals Rodeo. (Adopted 1997 Annual Convention - July 28, 1996)

2003: Finals Rodeo Bids

Finals Rodeo
Any Member Association proposing a bid for Annual Convention or Finals Rodeo must declare that intention at the Trustees' Board Meeting immediately preceding convention. (Adopted 2003 Annual Convention - August 3, 2003)

2004: Convention, Hall of Fame Resolutions

Hall of Fame
Whereas, The Hall of Fame Committee was created by resolution at the 2003 Annual Convention and charged with creating the IGRA Hall of Fame and choosing inductees by the 2004 Annual Convention; and Whereas, the delegates of the 2004 Annual Convention have approved a proposal to add the IGRA Hall of Fame to the IGRA Bylaws and Standing Rules; and Whereas, the Hall of Fame Committee has publicly solicited nominees from Member Associations, considered the nomination requirements, and selected inductees into the IGRA Hall of Fame consistent with the guidelines in the proposal; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the IGRA Hall of Fame begin immediately;

Resolved, that the inductees be announced at the awards luncheon on Sunday; and

Resolved, that the inductees be presented with their awards at a time and place chosen by the committee to accord the inductees the appropriate level of honor and recognition. (Adopted 2004 Annual Convention - November 14, 2004)

2006: Election of Officers, E-mail Resolutions

Whereas, Proposal 12 was passed by the 2005 IGRA Annual Convention; and Whereas, there exists a need to effect a transition to the new schedule of the election of officers; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that in 2006 elections be held for President and Treasurer for two-year terms and for Secretary for a one-year term. (Adopted 2005 Annual Convention - October 24, 2005)

Resolved, That the IGRA Event Entry Form be amended to include a box for contestant E-mail contact address;

Resolved, That giving the E-mail address be optional for the contestant; and

Resolved, That no Association be allowed to use, distribute, or sell contestant E-mail addresses for any purpose other than relates to its own rodeo and related events.

2007: E-mail lists, Dance Competition

Resolved, That IGRA recommend Member and Recognized Associations not add anyone to a public E-mail listing without his or her permission;

Resolved, That IGRA recommend Member or Recognized Associations use a double opt-in process* for any publicly available online sign-up form; and

Resolved, That IGRA recommend Member or Recognized Associations counsel members on strategies to reduce E-mail spam.

[*In a double opt-in system, an address entered into the form is sent a confirmation email. The receiver must then either reply to the message or click a link embedded in the message before that address is added to the list. This prevents any third party from signing up someone without their permission.]

Dance Competition Resolution
Resolved, That in 2008, dance workshops and dance events will be held at University and the dance competition will be delayed until 2009.

Resolved, That $2,000.00 from the 2008 budget be earmarked to support the dance activities at University. (Adopted 2007 Annual Convention - November 11, 2007)

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