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Dakota Aire Paris

Dakota Aire Paris

(Dakota Aire Paris)

My name is Dakota Aire Paris when I was little I was born without a roof to my top of my mouth so I had to get a cleft palette done which also made it hard for me to speak so I have a speech impediment. With the speech impediment it made it hard to be social then when I started doing drag on February 14 of 2014 seven years ago it help me be more social because I became the Mr Utah Gay pride 25.

With having the title I was able to travel around to different states performing and be part of different organizations like Utah Provo Pride and Pocatello Idaho Pride.

In 2016 I lost two of the most important people in my life which made me go down a dark spiral of depression that made me lose myself it wasn't until 2018 I met with the president Reanne with UGRA and became MsTer UGRA that I was able to find myself again.

I have competed in only two rodeos which was both in Las Vegas, Nevada in both calf roping and goat dressing but would definitely like to try more events in the future. I love the family vibe that IGRA present and I'm looking forward to growing myself even more and helping the International Gay Rodeo Association.

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