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Nicole Reighlie-Whorez

Nicole "Nikkie" Reighlie-Whorez)

Nicole Reighlie-Whorez was born in Kansas City, KS. She grew up next door to her grandparents, who raise cattle for slaughter. She rode her first horse at the age of 4 and has had a love for them ever since. She has fond memories of growing up on the chutes of the Shrine Rodeo or any other rodeo. At 16 her family moved to Chicago, but she returned to Kansas City just 3 years later. There she finished her Master Mechanical degree and obtained a Universal EPA certification.

In 2003 she got involved in the LGBT community and in 2008 she started a social group "Girls Night Out" better known as "GNO". It started, as a way to be out and ended up drawing ladies from as far away as South Dakota, Oklahoma, and even Hawaii. In 2011 she was asked to take over the local support group. There she helped empower people and advise them on friendly locations, make up sessions, and brought in different vendors to help with their journeys. 2012 was an exciting year as she was approached to be a radio personality on a local live broadcast show called "The Tenth Voice". While a host of the show she was able to get high profile people for "one on one" interviews, including Dr. Marcy Bowers and Chaz Bono. She was once described by a local newspaper as a "lynch pen" in the Kansas City LGBT community but if you ask her, she's just a girl trying to empower others. Recently she has become involved with a local group in Kansas City known as "KC Heroes". Heroes are a 501c3 organization that is based on a pay it forward idea. They help elderlies and disabled home bound people get to appointments, deliver meals to the homeless and help the struggling veterans in the Kansas City area.

She was once asked what Rodeo meant to her and she replied with one word "Family" Nicole would like to thank the skittles for their tireless efforts, the contestants who are always willing to help a new person learn to rodeo, and the spectators who come out and enjoy the crazy life of ""Rodeo". She would also like to give a special thanks to the "Chute Crew" for giving her the opportunity to create new memories on the chutes.

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