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International Gay Rodeo Association
MsTer. IGRA 2020

Kade Jackwell

(Melody Ortloff)

Born in Tulsa, Kade lived most of his childhood in rural Oklahoma on 5 acres of beautiful green rolling hills. Now a Kansas City resident, Kade is glad to get "back in the dirt" and return to his country roots.

Kade began his performance career as a costumer/cosplayer at comic-cons and anime conventions. In 2016, he decided to take his love of entertaining to the drag stage, and was given a chance to perform with the Buttwiser's Bash show. The Bash is Kade's "drag family" and they have supported him all the way through his IGRA journey.

Kade jokes that he was "roped in" to joining the MGRA royalty team, as he had no idea what MGRA/IGRA was before being asked to run for MsTer MGRA. He had a fantastic time learning about the rodeo during his candidate year, and jumped into competing in 2019. He was honored to receive the DSRA Rodeo Rookie buckle as a gift, and looks forward to passing it on to the next rookie. Kade's favorite individual event is Chute Dogging-he also enjoys telling people he wrestles steers for fun!

Outside of drag and rodeo, Kade works as a café manager for The University of Kansas Health System. He plans on pursuing his Master's of Healthcare Administration degree in 2020.
IGRA Royalty