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MsTer. IGRA 2020

Jessie N Cider Morecoxx

(Jesse K. Weyman)

Jessie was born in El Paso, Texas on August 30, 1978 into a military family. In 1980 his Father relocated his family to Fort Worth, Texas after leaving the Army for the National Guard Reserves and a full time job at General Dynamics (now known as Lockheed Martin). Since Jessie could walk he has been playing sports and rough housing in some form or fashion from high school to college and a short stint in the Army. It is what helped to keep him grounded as he grew up not really understanding who he really was and for that matter why. Jessie was very sheltered growing up.

Many moons later... Jessie was introduced to TGRA through an invite for dinner after seeing a TGRA benefit show. The next weekend he was volunteering at the Texas Traditions Rodeo. The week after that Jessie joined TGRA in 2017 and he has not stopped yet either. What so many like him understand is that for some folks you only have chosen family.

In 2018 he held the title of MsTer TGRA and was reappointed to represent the Great state of Texas again so proudly alongside his sash family as MsTer TGRA 2019! He has also found a passion for volunteering with the Chute Crew and is currently working on his certification for Chute Crew Coordinator.

When Jessie is not doing something that circles around the rodeo he is either working or spending time with his loving and supportive wife of whom he is grateful for beyond words, BillieJean and their daughter and son-in-law or spoiling the daylights out of his minions (grandchildren)! He is so excited at the prospect and the opportunity to continue to learn, grow, and support IGRA and its amazing associations!

IGRA Royalty