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Hosting IGRA Board Meetings
Purpose This document is intended as a guide to the hosting association to use for planning in requesting a board meeting room. Where possible, items are listed with some flexibility in mind. If the association or facility has any questions concerning these requirements, have them call Frank Harrell to discuss specific details at (202) 957-6187.

Minimum Setup Needed

Marked items will be supplyed by Frank Harrell.

Supplied by Hotel or Facility

Supplyed by local Association or IGRA

Room Considerations

When selecting a room, listen for air handling equipment. Our board meetings are webcast, when possible, and noisy heating and air conditioning equipment can make audio pickup very difficult.

If the room is a partitioned section of a larger room (such as a large hotel ball room) ask if there will be other events in adjacent rooms during our meeting schedule. If the other event expects to have PA or sound equipment, try to arrange for a room further away.

Tables should be setup in a rectangular 'U' shape pattern. (see photo examples below)

Standard 24" to 30" deep tables are preferred, but if not available the 18 inch seminar tables can be substituted, but more space will be needed between each attendee. Webcaster MUST have at least one large table (seminar table is not accepable for this position)

Rectangular Table Pefered     18 inch Seminar table

Electrical connections need to be spaced around the inside of the table pattern to allow each attendee access to a nearby outlet. (I.e., an outlet 20 feet away is not acceptable)

At one end of the table arrangement, an area is required for a projector and webcasting equipment. A minimum of 6 linear feet of table is required, but 8 to 10 feet is preferred. Usually it is best to allow an entire end or side of the table layout for equipment, which allows all attendees to see the projection screen without having to turn around in their seats. The webcaster will need access to the room at least an hour and a half before the scheduled meeting is to begin.

Our meetings are webcast on YouTube for our members and the public. A sustained Internet upload speed of 1,000 Kbps (1 meg) can be used for transmission in a pinch, however the image quality will suffer greatly. A 3 meg connection is perfered. This is in addition to the hotel's normal guest's usage. The higher the bandwidth available the better our transmission will be. With an upload of 5,000 Kbps (5 megs) our transmission can be broadcast quality. A wired Internet connection is preferred, but a wireless connection is usable providing it can sustain a reliable 2 meg upload speed.

Use the following distances from screen to position projector table.

Screen size Minimum Distance
from screen
Maximum Distance
from screen
5' 7.5' 9.5'
6' 9' 10.5'
8' 12.5' 15'

Board Meeting setup examples

Proper Setups

First posted May 16, 2015
Last update Nov 20, 2019