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Buckles and Awards

World Gay Rodeo Finals®
The following buckles, medals and awards are available as of
Oct 21, 2022 - 05:17 PM MDT

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Buckle Sponsorships

Season Champion Awards Rob Somer $600
All-Around Cowboy Nutrena/Kirk $250
All-Around Cowgirl Nutrena/Kirk $250
Rookie Cowboy C Nugget $250
Rookie Cowgirl DSRA $250
Wayne Jakino Award CGRA $250
Rodeo Director GPRA $250
IGRA Grand Marshal Michael Norman $250
Honorary Grand Marshal GPRA $100
Community Hero TGRA Houston $100
Miss IGRA Ryan Knop

Sponsorship of both men's and women's event buckles (2 buckles) is available for $400, a $100 discount. Please contact our awards director to sponsor a buckle set.

$250 each
$250 each
Bull Riding Eternal Kings Motorcycle Society Eternal Kings Motorcycle Society
Ranch Saddle Bronc SaSe Ranch Scotty S
Steer Riding Cayree/Kim Cayree/Kim
Chute Dogging Tom S Andy and Louis
Calf Roping on Foot AGRA AGRA
Break Away Roping Stefanie Garber Christi/RJ
Team Roping Nick and Ryan Villanueva Nick and Ryan Villanueva
Barrel Racing Highpoint Highpoint
Pole Bending Mr. Longarm Mr. Longarm
Flag Race NGRA Betty P
Steer Decorating NMGRA Aurora Gayheart, Contestant for Miss NMGRA 2023
Goat Dressing P3 Entertainment Dr. Ryan Alder & Kevin Hillman
$250 $250 $250
Wild Drag Race Sidestreet Bar The Flower Show Winery & Pizzeria Red River Rodeo Association

Chute Sponsorships

Roping Chute (2 available) $500 John King / Charlies John King / Charlies
Bucking Chutes $500 each (6 available)
Manebangle / Klipstik Chuck Browning and Brian Helander Greater Palm Springs Rodeo Corporation Boot Barn P&R Productions RRRA

Event Medal Sponsorships

All-Around Cowboy Holly & Ed Lumpkins $100
All-Around Cowgirl Holly & Ed Lumpkins $100
$100 set
$100 set
Bull Riding Keith Heisz Keith Heisz
Ranch Saddle Bronc Brian Highbarger LC/BP
Steer Riding Luke, Janet and Denise Luke, Janet and Denise
Chute Dogging David Kueter Lisa Roese
Calf Roping on Foot AGRA AGRA
Break Away Roping Galyn Cagle Shorty's
Team Roping Nick & Ryan Villanueva Nick & Ryan Villanueva
Barrel Racing Highpoint Highpoint
Pole Bending Mr Longarm Mr Longarm
Flag Race LC/BP LC/BP
Steer Decorating LC/BP LC/BP
Goat Dressing LC/BP LC/BP
Wild Drag Race LC/BP LC/BP
First posted Jul 13, 2022
Last update Oct 21, 2022