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Bootsy CarMichael

(David A. Heckman)

Hi I'm David A. Heckman aka Bootsy CarMichael. Although my history in rodeo is not as long as others in the circuit, the love I have for charity, volunteering, fundraising and "cowboys" are equal.

In 2013, Bootsy won NGRA's camp title Miss Cow Patty. The following year becoming a full fledged member with performing, helping fundraise and volunteering at BigHorn Rodeo. The last few years it was my voice you heard pavilion side, encouraging you to hand over your money because you were that thirsty. David's board Member duties began last year as Fundraising Director. A joint effort with this leadership role and membership pursued many events and fun activities while raising funds for charity.

Bootsy/ David's first experience as a Timer for a rodeo was at Arizona Gay Rodeo Association this past February, Brenda Alday is to be thanked for volunteering me for this position. It was such a fun and exciting experience that I have had the pleasure of "Timing" at: Hot Rodeo; Zia Regional Rodeo - New Mexico Gay Rodeo; Canadian Rockies Rodeo North and Best Buck in the Bay. One of my goals for next year is to work on my certification to become a Scorekeeper for the circuit.

When not raising money or volunteering for the LGTBQ community of Las Vegas, you can find Bootsy/ David at the movies, performing arts venues, sewing or more often than not at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

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