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International Gay Rodeo Association
Ms. IGRA 2019, 1st runner up

Delyria Paul Twilight Starr

(Maria Martinez)

I am a Latina woman from Albuquerque New Mexico. For the past 6 years off and on, I have been a stage manager for drag shows at the Sidewinders Ranch Bar and I pull Curtain for the Albuquerque social club. This is my fourth year entertaining as a female entertainer/bio-queen. Through my drag family, I have mentored and brought out new performers. I joined the New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association (NMGRA) in 2017 and volunteered at the Zia Regional Rodeo in Santa Fe two years in a row.

I am candidate for Ms. International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) 2019.

Throughout my reign, I have volunteered at several rodeos as arena crew including WGRF, AGRA, and TGRA. I am the current Ms. NMGRA 2018 titleholder. During my reign, my goal has been to learn the western lifestyle and provide more information about rodeos and all the wonderful things they do to help the communities and non-profits. I have raised money for two local non-profits Teen NM Power and Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico we are currently expanding our partnerships. I am very passionate about my life as well as my title. I love helping people.

I am a very fun loving person. I love camping, swimming, and helping the youth. I also work for a school based health clinic which operates in a trauma informed school. I help the kids get what help they need whether it's to see the Dr, social worker, contraceptive, or just someone to talk to. I have helped kids in their lives when they feel suicidal, no one cares, parents have passed, suffer a broken heart, bullied or even in unsure states. My passion is my job and I will never take that for granted for they keep me going just like I keep them going.

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